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Tokarev TX312HD: This new TX3 has truly blown us away with this shotgun's performance and value. The TX3 is everything you need at an incredible price. Starting with an 18.5" proof tested 4140 barrel that is threaded for Beretta/Benelli chokes and shipping with the three of the most popular choke tubes: Full, Modified, & Improved Cylinder along with the appropriate Benelli pattern choke wrench. Setting on top of the premium barrel is a ventilated heat shield so you can run your shotgun hard while looking tacti-cool and staying ultra-cool. Another great feature of this shotgun is the ghost ring sight with a fiber optic front post. While ghost ring has been the gold standard of shotgun sights since the 80s' Tokarev understands that the ability to mount a red dot is highly desirable and can increase the effectiveness of this shotgun. This is why they have included a top rail just in front of the rear sight, letting you choose what works best for your needs. They kept the classic look with high-grade Turkish Walnut furniture that gives the appearance of a far more expensive shotgun while still feeling really good in your hands. The Tokarev TX3 begs to be shot with a 5 round internal tube and an optional +1 extension which can be found HERE. If +1 isn't enough for you, the TX3 can take any Remington 870 type mag tube extension. All you need is to slap a shell caddie on the side of the receiver, and you are ready to dominate your next combat shotgun match. Let's say you're not a competitor, and you want to use this as an effective hunting shotgun. With the TX3, it's too easy. They have included a round limiter so you be compliant with most states, as well as sling studs so you can easily carry your firearm while trekking through the woods. Whatever your purpose is, the TX3 is the shotgun that can do it all.

SDS Tokarev TX3 12HD 12G Shotgun

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Must be picked up at Texas Security Equipment or from an FFL store of your choice. 

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