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Premium leather. Inside the waistband holster. Handcrafted and made with 100% premium cowhide leather. Reinforced metal clip that assures the safest retention and topmost comfort. All you need for concealed carry. Multifit concept design that accommodates a wide range of handguns.


Gun Models:

Bodyguard 38/Ruger LCR/S&W j Frame =Most 2" Revolvers, Glock 43/48/43x 9mm, Most 1911's -(4") Hammer Down, Most 9mm-.40/.45/(3.9")/Glock 19-Sig 320 Compact, Most 9mm-.40/.45/(4.5")-Sig P320/Springfield XDM 4.5 Model, Most 9mm-;40/;45(5.5"), Most Double Stack Sub Compact-/Glock 26/Springfield XD/Sig Sauer P320 C, Most Single Stack=S&W SHield/Hellcat/Shield EZ 9mm/.40 (3"), Most1911'compact (3") Hammer Down, S&W L Frame 2-1/2", Sig Sauer P 365, MOST 1911´Full size -(5"), MOST Glocks Full Size 9mm/.40 -Similar Frames Double Stacks, GLOCK 19-23-32


Hand Options: Right, Left

Tagua TX IPH IWB Holster

Excluding Sales Tax
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