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  • How To Buy A Firearm Online
    What if I told you that buying firearms online is simple, safe, and 100% legal? Purchasing a gun online can be accomplished in five easy steps: Choose Your Firearm: Texas Security Equipment features many unique products for you to choo se. Once you locate the product(s) you wish to buy, add them to your cart. Choose Your FFL: Our site features an easy fillable form for you to let us know what FFL Dealer you want your new firearm delivered to. Lastly, contact your FFL to inform them your Texas Security Equipment purchase is on the way. Enter Payment Information: Texas Security Equipment accepts credit cards, cashier’s checks, money orders, and layaway on select items for your convenience. Checkout: Pew, you just bought a firearm! You will receive a confirmation email and tracking information for the shipping. Picking Up Your Firearm: Once notified by the shipping carrier your firearm has arrived, call your FFL dealer to confirm. After you arrive at the FFL, you will complete the following process: - You will fill out the ATF Form 4473 in its entirety. - The FFL conduct s an instant background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) with the FBI. - Once you pass the background check, you pay the FFL’s transfer fee and take possession of your new firearm. Simple, Safe, and 100% Legal The receiving FFL facilitates a convenient and straightforward transfer of your firearm. You can think of an FFL transfer like an "in-store pickup."
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