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                License# F00639

Texas Star Training Academy offers training courses for Security Guards and Public Safety Courses designed around the skills,  safety, responsiblity, and knowledge of carrying a handgun under all circumstances. 

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Customer Testimonial

“The gun range instructor was great with suggesting tips to improve my accuracy, gun safety, and weapon choice."

- Debbie C, Waco, TX

“Went here to get a concealed weapons license. This has to be the best training academy in Central Texas. The instructor was really helpful and made sure everyone understood everything about the gun laws and handling guns, ect."

- Chris R, Marlin, Tx

“I took the Level 3 course with Texas Star Training Academy. The course was easy to understand and interactive. I will continue to take classes with them. All the Instructors were very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”"

- David M, Waco, Tx

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