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Security Training

Educating Non-Commissioned and Commissioned Security Officers

Preparing Security Officers for threats in the ever-evolving world.

Security Guard in Uniform

Level 2


Security Guard


Required introductory course to work security in Texas. Course Content:

  • Prevention and Deterrence

  • Ethics

  • Perception of the officer

  • Liaison between the Police and Client

  • Observation and Reporting

  • Emergency Response

  • Offenses and Arrest

  • Types of offenses

  • Radio Procedures

  • Report Writing

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Texas Penal Code

 $45 Online

Security Guard

Level 3


Security Guard


Learn everything you need to know to become a licensed security officer. Weapons handling, defensive tactics, as well as handcuffing technique.

$250 Classroom (Range fee included)


Level 3


Security Guard


Required security guard training class to continue to work legally as an armed security officer in Texas.

Required every 2 years.

$125 Classroom (Range fee included)

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