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The Shooter’s Choice 36” Coated Stainless Steel one piece cleaning rod is made in the USA and designed to offer an easy and effective way to clean your firearms. The coated solid rod features a smooth, non-embedding finish for precision cleaning with American quality and durability that won’t scratch or damage your barrel or collect debris. The full size handle with steel ball bearings allows the rod to turn with the rifling of the barrel to remove fouling with your choice of Shooter’s Choice components from jags and patches to bore mops and brushes. The rod tip is outfitted with a standard 8-32 thread to accept Shooter's Choice brushes, mops and jags.

• Multi Caliber - for cleaning .22cal and larger firearms
• 36" Coated Stainless Steel Solid Rod- .208 diameter
• Ball Bearing Handle
• 8-32 threads
• Full size handle for improved grip and easy cleaning
• Hanging hole for convenient storage

Shooters Choice Multi Caliber Gun Cleaning Rod 36” Coated SS Rod

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