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The DRD Tactical ARES is an Adaptive Retention System.  This locking retention system ensures your rifle stays secured while offering a quick and easy release when moments matter.  Lock the firearm in place with no manipulation of a button.  Gain the advantage and navigate obstacles, enter & exit vehicles, engage in combatives or transition to a sidearm with controlled movements and a secured firearm.  Stay on track and focused knowing your firearm is right where you want it with near impossible access to the release button by an opponent.  Reduce fatigue and strain with the spread of the rifle’s weight across your armor carrier or tactical vest.  Installs easily on any MOLLE system carrier and is compatible with AR rifle platforms and a wide variety of firearms with QD sling attachment points.


  • Simple to operate with an ergonomic, easy release
  • Ensure control and safety over your firearm with a true locking retention system
  • Improved individual movement and maneuverability over the use of a sling
  • Dramatically reduces undesirable movement allowed by slings
  • Reduces fatigue by spreading out the rifle’s weight
  • Use in conjunction with or as an alternative to a single point sling
  • Compatible with any AR rifle platforms or firearms with a QD sling attachment point

DRD ARES Adaptive Retenton Sys

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