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520010-C Sabre Red MK-3 DPS 2.0 oz Cone Spray


Keep criminals at bay using the Sabre Red MK-3 S Cone Spray. Optimized for tactical applications, the spray canister features a dual propellant system (DPS) and powerful formula capable of stopping the most determined attackers. A unique DPS system combines Dupont's Dymel134a propellant with nitrogen gas to deliver a concentrated and direct stream in any environment. The strategically sized top trigger-button offers more natural deployment, allowing the user to focus on hitting their target and not trying to find the trigger. Sabre's fast acting formula features 10% oleoresin capsicum potency with 1.33% major capsaicinoids, resulting in a devastating solution that incapacitates whatever target it comes into contact with.

Sabre SR-520010-C Specs

Formula: 10% OC, .33% major capsaicinoids
Highly purified to inflame the eyes, throat, nose and lungs
Dual propellant system ensures functionality in any environment
Top trigger button provides rapid spray deployment
UV-marking dye for easy suspect identification
Volume: 2.0 oz

Sabre Red MK-3 DPS 2.0 oz Cone Spray

SKU: 023063330518
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  • Sale of this item is limited to Law Enforcement or Military Personnel Only. Official ID must be provided prior to shipping.

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