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The SDS TBP 12 is a magazine-fed semi-auto shotgun. It features a 18.5” Proof Tested 4140 barrel with Benelli chokes and a bullpup stock with an adjustable cheek riser. This model also has a AR-15 style throw lever safety, folding BUIS (back up iron sights), and an angled foregrip/hand stop. One 5-round magazine included.


• Angled Fore-grip/ Hand stop
• 18.5” Proof Tested 4140 barrel
• 1-5 Round Magazine (10 rd. Magazines and 20 rd. Drum Available)
• Chokes (Full, Modified, & Improved Cylinder) and Choke Wrench (Benelli® pattern)
• AR-15 Type Safety
• Ambidextrous Magazine Release
• Folding BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights)
• Adjustable Cheek Riser

SDS Tokarev TBP 12 Bullpup 12G Semi-Auto Shotgun SDSTBP12P 5rd 18.5"

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Must be picked up at Texas Security Equipment or from an FFL store of your choice. 

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