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  • If you are looking for a lightweight holster for your self defense carry gun then look no further than Tagua Gunleather. The Recruiter inside the waistband holster from Taguas Armament line is an excellent choice! This is a minimalist holster that is compact without a lot of extra bulk to give you away. Easily concealed under your waistband, this lightweight holster fits close to your body with strong tuckable belt clips. Molded to ensure the prefect fit for you gun, it features adjustable retention to suite your preferences. This hybrid holster is constructed of durable polymer Kydex with a comfortable nylon backer. Tagua Gunleather has the right gear to meet your needs at the right price!

    Specifications and Features:
    This is not a Glock Factory Product, it is an after market Product
    Tagua Gunleather Armament The-Recruiter-310
    Hybrid Inside the Waistband Holster
    Compact Lightweight Open Top Design
    Tuckable Belt Clips
    Right Handed
    Nylon Backer
    Kydex Shell


Gun Models:

S&W SHIELD .45, S&W SHIELD 380, MOST 1911´s-(5"), MOST 1911´s -(5") WITH RAIL, GLOCK 17, SIG SAUER P 938, SIG SAUER P365, SPRINGFIELD XDS, GLOCK 43, GLOCK 26/27/33 9mm (3.42"), S&W SHIELD 9mm, TAURUS PT111/140 GEN 2


Hand Options: Ambidextrous

Tagua Kydex Hybrid IWB Holster

Excluding Sales Tax
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